These 7 Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Reunions Need To Happen Now

'Breaking Bad' on ice, anyone?

The world is a cruel place.

First, it gives us “Breaking Bad.” Then, it takes “Breaking Bad” away. Then, it reunites Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for “Barely Legal Pawn,” a new TV series where the former Albuquerque drug kingpins trade in their meth lab for a pawn shop, with an illicit (but adorable) business on the side. And then, it turns out that “Barely Legal Pawn” is nothing more than a teaser for the Emmys, and not an actual TV series.

Once again, for emphasis: The world is a cruel place.

But cruelty be damned — there has to be a way for Cranston and Paul to reunite for a longer stretch than an admittedly brilliant but sadly short six-minute video, right? Right.

World, lend us your ear and hear us out — these are seven Cranston-Paul reunions that needed to happen, like, yesterday.

1. Full Fledged “Barely Legal Pawn” Series

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