These 7 Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Reunions Need To Happen Now

'Breaking Bad' on ice, anyone?

The world is a cruel place.

First, it gives us "Breaking Bad." Then, it takes "Breaking Bad" away. Then, it reunites Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for "Barely Legal Pawn," a new TV series where the former Albuquerque drug kingpins trade in their meth lab for a pawn shop, with an illicit (but adorable) business on the side. And then, it turns out that "Barely Legal Pawn" is nothing more than a teaser for the Emmys, and not an actual TV series.

Once again, for emphasis: The world is a cruel place.

But cruelty be damned — there has to be a way for Cranston and Paul to reunite for a longer stretch than an admittedly brilliant but sadly short six-minute video, right? Right.

World, lend us your ear and hear us out — these are seven Cranston-Paul reunions that needed to happen, like, yesterday.

1. Full Fledged "Barely Legal Pawn" Series

I mean, that was pretty damn good. How hard would it be for HBO to pump out "Barely Legal Pawn" as an eight-episode half-hour mockumentary series? Give us what we want, world!

2. A "Malcolm in the Middle" Reboot

A shot-for-shot remake of every episode, with all the same actors, except Aaron Paul replacing Frankie Muniz. Muniz can be co-showrunner with Vince Gilligan.

3. "Better Call Saul"

An actual, likely possibility, albeit not for a good little while. The "Breaking Bad" spinoff is said to feature a flexible timeline, with scenes taking place before, after and during the AMC Emmy darling. With that narrative structure in place, some form of a Walter White and Jesse Pinkman reunion feels all but certain.

4. On The Stage

Cranston just wrapped "All The Way," his Emmy-winning turn as President Lyndon B. Johnson. Perhaps it's too soon to expect the man to return to Broadway, but whenever he does, make sure his former student Mr. Pinkman is along for the ride. In fact…

5. "Breaking Bad: The Fly" On Stage

Expand Rian Johnson's famous bottle episode, "The Fly," as a limited off-Broadway engagement, for a few weeks only, featuring Walt and Jesse stalking a buzzing fly all over the stage. It could even be "Breaking Bad: The Fly, On Ice!" There's something appropriate about that, isn't there?

6. A Podcast

It doesn't even have to be "Breaking Bad" specific. It could be just about their lives, or their shared experiences filming "Breaking Bad." But if there's one thing the world needs as much as further Cranston-Paul shenanigans, it's the return of the "Breaking Bad Insider" podcast. Here's one way to kill two birds with one crystal-blue stone.

7. In Our Dreams And In Our Hearts, Forever And Ever

It's the one Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunion that can never, ever end.