5SOS Take Fans Behind The Scenes Of 'Amnesia': Watch Now

Before 5 Seconds of Summer perform at the VMAs on Sunday, let's see what it was like to film their latest music video.

In "Amnesia," the superhero-dressing goofs of 5 Seconds of Summer's show off their serious sides. But a behind-the-scenes clip the guys released today totally breaks up the moodiness with bloopers and on-set antics from the set of the somber music video.

Director Isaac Rentz admittedly framed the VMA performers' video with "snapshots from 5 Seconds Of Summer's past -- before they were this huge band." He said, "We wanted to see what was like being a small garage band in Australia."

In the new clip, we see Calum and Michael fighting over a cheese stick, Luke bouncing on a trampoline and Ashton cuddling a flamingo. See the rest of 5SOS' dorkiness here:

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