'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Is Corey Doing Enough To Get Ali's Wheelchair?

Leah's ex-husband still hasn't gotten approval for the device from his insurance company.

Leah was relieved when Corey finally seemed to accept the idea of their daughter using a wheelchair on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," but her optimism was short-lived when she discovered his insurance company still hasn't approved the device.

The wheelchair has been a sore subject for Corey and Leah ever since four-year-old Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy: The young mother, who witnessed her smiling girl's first ride last season, believes it will ensure Ali conserves her energy and only help her in the long run. Corey, on the other hand, worries that the device will cause his offspring to not walk as much.

Regardless, Ali continued to practice using a loaner wheelchair -- which doesn't have the same capabilities as the one insurance will hopefully cover -- and went to a physical therapy appointment with Corey's dad Jeff. After seeing his granddaughter during the session, Jeff, who previously aligned with his son about the wheelchair, admitted to Leah that he had a change of heart and sees that the device will only help supplement Ali's walking. He then told Corey that the visit with Ali went well and that the physical therapist made it clear that the wheelchair's purpose is to help Ali get from one place to another -- and not to use at all times.

The father/son conversation prompted Corey to tell Leah that he would like to take the loaner during an upcoming weekend visit to the zoo. She was pleased that her ex was coming around and even noted that he would see a change in the little girl's personality when she uses it. But then Corey revealed that there's been no change with his insurance company's approval of the wheelchair, even after several calls and a video submission of Ali operating the loaner.

"I hope that maybe if he sees her in the wheelchair for the first time, it will motivate him to push harder with getting a hold of his insurance," Leah told Jeremy.

But Jeremy thought Corey needs to put forth more effort and not take no for an answer. "I'm pretty frustrated that we still have the loaner wheelchair myself," he said. "He dropped the ball."

Insurance companies often take time to process requests. But while Corey says he is checking on the status and doing what he can to help, Leah and Jeremy don't believe he's showing enough persistence. What do you think? Take our poll and weigh in.

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