If You Make Out In Public, This Guy Won't Hesitate To Photobomb You

Your PDA could wind up online as part of a "love story" that screams #ForeverAlone.

A lot of people look for love in all the wrong places, but not many of them upload a photo gallery about it. Earlier today, Imgur user bakr1 posted a thread of pics titled, "My Love Story," which documents his unique talent at showing up in pictures of random people making out. Some people in the comments are calling him "creepy as f--k," but others are just commenting on his resemblance to Robb Stark from "Game of Thrones." Here are a few of our favorites:

The poor guy just can't catch a break. Check out the rest of his "love story," and let us know: Do you have a better/more awkward pic that the Internet needs to know about? Send us your best to @MTV2GuyCode using the hashtag #PDAPhotobomb!