Beheadings And Blood Spills Aside, 'Teen Wolf' Benefactor Meredith Is Just Trying To Do Good

At least, that's what Maya Eshet -- the actress who plays her -- is choosing to believe.

So, it's been revealed that Meredith is The "Teen Wolf" Benefactor, a shadowy mob boss who's been sending assassins after werewolves, kitsunes and every non-human being in Beacon Hills. But if you're willing to put aside the fact that innocent teens have been left headless under Meredith's direction, the actress behind the character is certain that the girl's got a good heart. Uhh, why not!

In the "Teen Wolf After After Show" below, Maya Eshet breaks down the big revelation from Monday night's episode and insists it doesn't mean that the meek, twitchy Meredith has suddenly become a cold-blooded Whitey Bulger.

"I think she's trying to do good," Maya explains of her character. "I think she's confused and she has this idea of what would help the world, and that's what she's trying to do."

So...maybe this is all one big understanding, and Meredith could reform? Maya is certainly keeping her fingers crossed.

"I'm hoping [Meredith's] sobering up a little bit," she says. "That is what I would wish for her."

For more from Maya, including a step-by-step guide on recreating Meredith's creepy head-shake, watch the clip. And be sure to tune in to the next "Teen Wolf" episode Monday night at 10/9c!