'Teen Mom 2''s Chelsea Is Finally A Licensed Esthetician

Aubree's mama finally got the test results -- and good news -- she'd been waiting for.

Chelsea's hard work paid off on this week's "Teen Mom 2" episode: She finally got her esthetician license.

It hadn't been all smooth sailing: After the young mom graduated from the program and took her exams, the Department of Labor notified her that they were withholding her license for allegedly breaking their protocol. A lot of back and forth -- and a series of setbacks -- followed.

So did a mini road trip: Chelsea was notified by her lawyer that she needed to make a long drive -- eight hours in total -- to meet with the cosmetology commission. There, she'd learn the laws surrounding her profession -- and get her test results.

"I'm just ready for it to be done," a resigned Chelsea told her mother Mary, before adding that she was trying not to get her hopes too high.

Mary offered her daughter some much-needed encouragement and explained that she didn't think they'd make Chelsea travel a long distance only to reject her.

After a pep talk from her Dad -- and her pal Britanee's support during the long drive -- it was time for Chelsea to learn her fate.

"I just got it!" the newly minted esthetician exclaimed after emerging from the meeting with her license. She had passed her tests with flying colors, garnering a score of 81 when she only needed a 75 to pass.

Like most professional journeys, Chelsea's road to becoming an esthetician wasn't without some bumps along the way. But when she finally achieved her goal, her broad smile seemingly made all of the ups and downs worth it. And now it's time for her to put her swanky business cards to good use and flourish in her career.

Offer Chelsea your well wishes, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Teen Mom 2" Wednesday night at 10/9c.