This Is What Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio & More Celebs Will Look Like As 80-Year-Olds

Take a look into the future, at least according to a creepily realistic aging app.

Celebrities are able to spend an astounding amount of time and money on their appearance (on top of their natural good looks), but the fact is, people all have to grow up and grow old eventually. Just like the rest of us, even the hottest stars will face wispy hair and age spots. As a preview of that fate, these pics — created using the app Oldify — imagine what a few of today’s stars would look like as senior citizens.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

leonardo-dicaprio-old imgur

Leo’s physical fate doesn’t look all that bad…we just wish the future could tell us if he finally wins that Oscar he deserves.

2. Angelina Jolie

angelina-jolie-old imgur

Obvi, Angelina will still manage to look like an effin’ goddess, even after decades of chasing her never-ending brood of kids around.

3. Nicolas Cage

nix-cage-old imgur

Cheer up, Nic Cage! We’re sure you’ll still be starring in the weirdest, most random apocalyptic blockbusters well into your old age.

4. Justin Bieber

justin-bieber-old imgur

Of course, the Bieb’s infamous mugshot is used, but we hope that’s not a sign of things to come. Drag racing isn’t so cool when you’re an octogenarian. Unless you’re racing your walker.

5. Keanu Reeves

keanu-reeves-old imgur

Because — let’s face it — the dude appears to be a non-aging vampire, like John Stamos and Billie Joe Armstrong. TELL US YOUR WAYS, REEVES.