Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Confirms 'Shazam' Movie... Again

And he has to pick his role... again.

Hey, everyone! I have exciting news. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has confirmed that he'll star in a "Shazam" movie (via USA Today), but he hasn't decided whether he's going to play Captain Marvel or the evil Black Adam.

Wait. Isn't this news from 2007? It actually is.

But don't worry, you haven't slipped back in time. Johnson once again faces the dilemma of which role to take on in a "Shazam" movie, despite having already decided on the part of Black Adam seven years ago. So what gives?

The tale of Dwayne Johnson and the "Shazam" movie is typical of the sometimes eternal Hollywood development cycle.

Back in 2007, Johnson was developing a "Shazam" film with director Pete Segal for Warner Bros., and he had to choose between the two roles and sided with what the fans wanted: Black Adam. Eventually, that iteration of "Shazam" disappeared and with it, Segal.

Johnson, however, stayed attached, and when rumors of a revived "Shazam" movie started appearing earlier this year as a part of Warner Bros' new superhero initiative, it was essentially a different project. The work Johnson had done on the movie mostly reset, including the decision of whether to play the hero or the villain.

So the "Shazam" movie has doubled back on itself, development-wise, and has almost caught up with its 2007 version. In his latest interview about the project, Johnson said that he still prefers Black Adam, but that he has a tough choice ahead of him.

Depending on how this goes, maybe I'll just republish the story about Johnson choosing Black Adam over Captain Marvel from 2007 and see if anyone notices.

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