Watch Kate Upton & Kaley Cuoco Take The Ice Bucket Challenge

...and Justin Verlander, if you care about him.

At this point, every celebrity on the planet has poured ice water over their heads for ALS awareness -- it's like "Do They Know It's Christmas?" without music, and without Christmas. While some may consider James Franco taking the challenge without pants to be the sexiest of the bunch, others may look more forward to seeing Kate Upton's video, a double dunk with boyfriend Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers:

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Also joining the meme, "The Big Bang Theory" star Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting faced the freezing H20 with good humor:

So, have we reached peak ice bucket at this point? Are you inspired to donate, or do you want this watery trend to stop saturating your Facebook feed? Watch the above videos and think about it -- you just might need a cold shower yourself.