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New Mom JWOWW: I'm Not Having Sex With Roger For A Year...Or Two

The former 'Jersey Shore' star says giving birth has made her a little gun-shy about intimacy with her fiance.

Spit-up or spilled milk is the least of new father Roger Mathews' worries, as his adoring partner-in-crime Jenni Farley might just have taken the wind out of his sails.

"Snooki & JWOWW"'s newest mother, who's never been shy about withholding sex from her beloved, has just upped the ante on her chastity. In an interview with "HuffPost Live" yesterday, she explained that the experience of giving birth has put her off hanky panky for the foreseeable future.

"My vagina is back to normal [but] I'm not gonna have sex for, like, another year or two," JWOWW, who called her delivery "God-awful," candidly says in the clip. "You're not allowed to for six weeks; I’m only five weeks."

Jenni explains that she experienced a "rapid delivery," during which she went from four to ten centimeters dilated in less than an hour, and the experience hasn't left her feeling up to intimacy.

"[My daughter Meilani] ran out and took everything with her, and I felt it all," she recalls.

And though Jenni's new daughter is everything the new mom dreamed she could be, JWOWW, who says she's always wanted a big family, is suddenly fearful of having another child.

"Meilani is so good, I just know that the next one's gonna be a terror," she anticipates.

Check out the video for a whole bunch of TMI.