New Mom JWOWW: I’m Not Having Sex With Roger For A Year…Or Two

The former 'Jersey Shore' star says giving birth has made her a little gun-shy about intimacy with her fiance.

Spit-up or spilled milk is the least of new father Roger Mathews’ worries, as his adoring partner-in-crime Jenni Farley might just have taken the wind out of his sails.

Snooki & JWOWW“’s newest mother, who’s never been shy about withholding sex from her beloved, has just upped the ante on her chastity. In an interview with “ Embedded from

“My vagina is back to normal [but] I’m not gonna have sex for, like, another year or two,” JWOWW, who called her delivery “God-awful,” candidly says in the clip. “You’re not allowed to for six weeks; I’m only five weeks.”

Jenni explains that she experienced a “rapid delivery,” during which she went from four to ten centimeters dilated in less than an hour, and the experience hasn’t left her feeling up to intimacy.

“[My daughter Meilani] ran out and took everything with her, and I felt it all,” she recalls.

And though Jenni’s new daughter is everything the new mom dreamed she could be, JWOWW, who says she’s always wanted a big family, is suddenly fearful of having another child.

“Meilani is so good, I just know that the next one’s gonna be a terror,” she anticipates.

Check out the video for a whole bunch of TMI.

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