Here’s How Eternal Rap God Eminem Scored 7 VMA Nominations

The lyrical genius continues his VMA reign.

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, set to go down this Sunday, August 24 at The Forum in Inglewood, are about to remind us just about everything we love about Eminem.

And not only because he scored the second most nominations of the year, with an impressive total of seven. Or because it marks the fifteenth anniversary since his first VMA win, when he took home the 1999 VMA for Best New Artist and owned the stage with performances of “My Name Is” and “Guilty Conscience.” Or that he’s got 12 total VMAs to the name Marshall Mathers.

What’s especially incredible about Em’s nods this year is that they’re for three different videos — the most ever for him, since he usually has one or two that dominate — and that those three videos show his broad range as an artist.

And while “The Monster,” “Rap God” and “Berzerk” are distinct in many ways — sonically, visually and stylistically — they share one common thread, and it’s a trait that has made Marshall one of the most revered MCs of all time, and one that he particularly stressed on November’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2: astounding lyricism.

As much as we love tracks like “Not Afraid,” “Love the Way You Lie” and “We Made You” — the last three videos he scored nominations for, dating back to 2009 — there’s something about this year’s crop that just feels special.


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