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Bare Skin And The VMAs Go Hand In Hand

The 2014 Video Music Awards are approaching—fast—and if there's one thing we've learned from poring over photos from VMAs of years past: The red carpet sees a lot of skin. In fact, if there's one thing we can pretty much guarantee at the VMAs, it's that at least a few of our faves will be flaunting as much skin as possible. (Hey, it happens in the dead of the summer! What else would you expect?) A quick run-through of iconic outfits from years past includes staples like nude bodysuits, lace, crop tops, and cutouts.

Barely There VMA Fashion

From Lil' Kim’s legendary purple pasty at the 1999 VMAs to Selena Gomez’s more-subtle sheer lace corset dress at the 2013 VMAs, the exposure varies, but is always, always memorable. The bare-skin trend has more than 20 years under its belt and shows no sign of slowing down. The only question, then, is: Who will be memorable in their itsy-bitsy threads this year?

19 Times Celebrities Totally Forgot To Wear Clothes To The VMAs

We have a few guesses, but we'll find out for sure on Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, when the 2014 VMA Pre-Show kicks off in Inglewood, CA. You don't wanna miss it!