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Watch Every Single Death From Every Quentin Tarantino Movie

And you will know his name is Quentin, when he lays his vengeance upon thee.

Since 1992's "Reservoir Dogs," Quentin Tarantino has been laying his great vengeance down with furious anger on his fictional creations.

Tarantino's kind of like the movie version of George R.R. Martin: almost no one, including your favorite character (who's being played by your favorite movie star), is safe from his wrath.

And while his use of naughty words is often chronicled (this "Just The Cussing" cut of "Pulp Fiction" being a good example), somehow no one thought to catalog the insane amount of dead bodies that have littered his movies.

That is until now, as Jaume R. Lauret has created what might be the ultimate Tarantino supercut: Every death in every Quentin Tarantino movie.

From the very first body to hit the floor in "Reservoir Dogs" to the final bloodbath in "Django Unchained," this supercut should satisfy your blood lust, at least for today, as you relive the best, most horrifying, most heart-wrenching, most limb-chopping fatalities of the master filmmaker.

Quentin Tarantino // Every Death from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

And fear not, because QT's got "The Hateful Eight" right on the horizon, and we're sure at least a few of those eight probably won't make it to the last frame. If this supercut is any indication, his death streak has actually increased as he's gotten older, so we doubt anyone will be safe in that one.