Demi Lovato Fans And The 5SOS Fam Need To Handle This VMA Situation Quickly

The Best Lyric Video category is heating up.

Hey, um, 5SOS Fam and Lovatics? You might want to come see what's going on with the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards category for Best Lyric Video. Demi Lovato and 5 Seconds of Summer are currently in a super-close race for that Moonman, and the winner depends on your votes.

If you want a certain person to win, I suggest you start voting for one of them. And get your friends to do it too, because, as of this writing, both 5SOS and Demi Lovato have passed the 27 million mark. It's literally neck-and-neck over here.

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The guys are nominated for their "Don't Stop" lyric video, where they assume the identities of comic-book superheroes, and Demi has a nom for her "Really Don't Care" lyric video, where the singer crashes fan lip-syncing sessions. Other contenders in the category include Austin Mahone's "MMM Yeah," Ariana Grande's "Problem" and Katy Perry's "Birthday."

So, what are you waiting for?

Vote for Best Lyric Video now!