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Rita Ora Covers Her Entire Outfit In Pearls (Seriously, Everything)

Even her hair!

Does anyone decorate her hair better than Rita Ora? Signs point to no, right? Liiike, this weekend at V Festival, Rita not only perfectly accessorized her hair to match her outfit, but straight up had pearls BRAIDED INTO her hair. Pearls of various sizes. Pearls everywhere.


Let's start with the outfit. Rita wore a pearl-encrusted bra and jeans customized by Katie Eary. On top of her very pearly top, she wore a necklace dripping with strands of differently sized pearls.


Four of her six backup dancers were also decked out in pearls, including pearl-trimmed chambray shirts. If you're looking for a way to dress up your fave denim top, I think you just found a way, TBH. The same goes for your fave pair of jorts.


The pièce de résistance in this ~lewk~, IMHO, was Rita's hair, though. Chris Appleton, her hair stylist, actually wove pearls and strips of denim into her high ponytail. The tiny braids in the front and middle of her hair also have pearls. It's like one big pearl party all over Rita's hair and body.

If anyone needs me for the next three to four weeks, I'll be strengthening my hand muscles to be able to weave pearls into everything I own.