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Tyga Addresses Wiz Khalifa Situation In New Song 'Erryday'

His The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty is on the way.

Tyga was supposed to head out on the Under the Influence tour with Wiz Khalifa this summer, but dropped out shortly before the star-studded show kicked off. The Pittsburgh rapper said publicly that it was a "wack move" to ditch the tour, and now Tyga has addressed the situation in a new song, "Erryday."

"Wanna know what's up with me and Wiz Khalifa/ But me and Wiz Khalifa smokin' reefer/ Then I'm flying private to Ibiza," the Cali native raps on his Monday (August 18) release, which will likely be included on the upcoming The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

His decision to not spar lyrically, but rather confirm that the two remain cool, falls in line with how each artist has been handling the situation from the beginning, actually.

When Wiz first addressed the situation on Power 99 in Philadelphia in July, he showed love to Tyga while expressing his disappointment. “We cool, that’s the homie, and that was just a wack move,” he said.

The Young Money MC came back on Twitter shortly after the interview dropped, stressing that there were no hard feelings:

Wiz again spoke on the situation on Monday during a stop at Power 105.1 in New York. "I wasn't really upset," the "We Dem Boyz" rapper said. "That's my homie, though, and when you friends, you gotta be able to say stuff out loud like that."

Soon, the two got on the phone and hashed it out. "He was like, bro, I definitely should have hit you up. I got a little bit busy, I didn't know how to break it to you, so I gotta apologize and man up, and we'll make it right."

Mister Cap's Blacc Hollywood drops tomorrow, while T-Raww's The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty is set to hit stores on November 18.