Anacondas Kind Of Do Like Big Butts And 5 Other Snake Facts

Get ready for Nicki's new video with some science.

Nicki Minaj's sure-to-be-twerktastic video for "Anaconda" is just around the corner, and to celebrate the VMA performer's impending premiere, we've compiled some fascinating facts about its namesake: the anaconda. Like, the literal snake -- not the other kind.

We hit up biologist Jesús A. Rivas, co-founder of The Anaconda Project, to find out more about the creature, and he pointed us to his website, which is packed to bursting with facts about Minaj's favorite snake. We've compiled the ones more pertinent to the The Pinkprint singer below:

Nicki Minaj Is Performing ‘Anaconda’ At The 2014 VMAs: YASSS

1.) Anacondas are kind of polygamous -- but it's the female snake that gets to chill with multiple males

Much like Nicki does in the song -- despite her assertions of the contrary.

2.) The female is much larger than the male

I guess they do, indeed, like big butts -- or whatever the snake equivalent of a butt is.

3.) The largest snake in the world is the green anaconda

But is it bigger than a tower?

4.) The largest anaconda that Rivas has measured is 18 feet

Not quite, then.

5.) They mostly eat birds and mammals

So they don't really dig buns, I guess -- at least not the kind made of dough.

6.) An anaconda can, in fact, eat a person (although they probably haven't had many chances)

The other kind, however...