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Anna Kendrick Was Your Dream Girlfriend At WWE SummerSlam: See The Pics

Anna plus wrestling equals a 'Pitch Perfect' combo.

If every dude from improv class to Reddit boards and beyond was already head over heels in love with "Internet girlfriend" Anna Kendrick, her surprise appearance at Sunday night's (August 17) WWE SummerSlam just took things to the next level.

Not only did Kendrick show up to the big show with an entourage to die for -- AKA "Pitch Perfect 2" castmates Brittany Snow and Adam DeVine, and "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Hoechlin -- but she sat front and center, cheered like a maniac, and even took time to pose backstage with fangirling referees.

It was a truly magical night that likely propelled Kendrick straight to America's Sweetheart status, and thank God the Internet exists so we can grab hold of the evidence and keep it forever and ever:

Here's Anna With Some Barden Bellas

Trivia alert: WWE's Lana was in "Pitch Perfect!"

... And Again, From The Back

Ow ow.

Here's Anna Letting Some Boys In The Picture


It's excusable when one of the boys is Tyler Hoechlin.

Here's Anna Chilling With The Ref

Admit it, you're jealous.

Here's Anna Rocking Those VIP Seats


What, you can't see her?

Here's Anna Rocking Those VIP Seats, Part 2

Twitter has you covered.