Remember That One Time Ariana Grande Covered Justin Bieber?

Her version of 'Die In Your Arms' almost tops the original. Almost.

These days, Ariana Grande is a huge pop star in her own right—big enough to be performing her new single "Break Free" live for the first time at the VMAs next week!

But not too long ago, she was just a blossoming singer who was still doing things like covering Justin Bieber songs. Yup, you read that right!

In case you somehow missed it, ages ago in 2012, Ari covered "Die In Your Arms" and posted her version to Soundcloud. Well, we're always up for blasts from the past and boy is this ever one. Note how her voice is still effortless, flawless and full of emotion.

Let's give Justin some credit for the track too—it's off his 2012 album Believe and you can listen to Bieber's version here for reference. Does this have anyone else wishing for a Justin/Ariana collab? Please universe!

Need more baby Ari moments? Check out the photo she still uses for her Soundcloud avi—she looks soooo little!


Here's the "Break Free" video for context.

I can't wait to see where she goes from here!