Madonna Celebrated Her Birthday With A Topless Throwback Instagram

The material girl's sexy pic pokes fun at Instagram's no-nipples-allowed rule.

Madonna has always been a fighter, so it's no surprise that she'd have a few qualms with Instagram's prude rules about nudity.

Perhaps that's what sparked her to post a topless photo of herself "in her birthday suit" on Instagram to celebrate the occasion yesterday. Is it just me or is Madge channeling some serious Marilyn Monroe vibes in this photo?

Notice how the flash very cleverly hides her offending nipple? Her post is definitely a big middle finger to Instagram's policies, but she's learned from Rihanna's mistakes and hopefully won't get her account suspended for the pic.

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This may be an old photo of her—she turned 56 yesterday—but she still looks absolutely incredible for her age. And from the rest of her posts, it looks like she's still ready to party like any twenty-something. Let's take a look at the rest of the evening...

Here's her adorable date for the evening.

I'm guessing the lit-up "M" here is for Madonna? Her caption cracks me up: "House of M! House of Fun! La Vie en Rose! #unapologeticbirthdayb---h"

And a brand new birthday ring! Say Madonona, did you maybe take this Insta after a few glasses of birthday bubbly? It's a teensy bit blurry.

Another beautiful topless lady, again, expertly concealed:

And of course, the required Insta captioned with Beyoncé lyircs. Even Madonna is using Bey memes at this point it seems. Bow down indeed.

Happy birthday Madonna! If you got it, flaunt it—you're still flawless.