Here's The Hilarious First Look At Season 2 Of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Brooklyn, stand up (again)!

Your favorite Golden Globe-winning wacky detectives of NYC's 99th precinct are back!

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" will return to Fox for its second season this fall, but you won't need to wait that long for a preview of the antics to come.

Looks like we'll pick up right where Jake (Andy Samberg) and Charles (Joe Lo Truglio) left off, with Jake under cover in some aggressively '80s-esque garb—as Samberg says, "hairstyles have been adjusted." Meanwhile, Charles is balancing the after-effects of his illicit one-night-stand with Gina (Chelsea Peretti), which involves the entire squad, to hilarious effect. "I can't wait – they're gonna get caught, aren't they?" exclaims Melissa Fumero aka adorable-yet-majorly-OCD Detective Amy Santiago.

But what about Jake and Amy? Sadly, there's no mention of what's going on between those two in the clip. Guess we'll have to wait till the season starts.

The answer to this, and many more of your burning questions, to come when the show premieres September 28th!