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Not Even Split Pants Can Stand In 5SOS' Way

...Plus 9 more reasons we're obsessed with the Artist To Watch VMA nominees.

Whether we're talking the Billboard charts or a sudden case of onstage pants-rippage, the Australian pop-punkers of 5 Seconds Of Summer are pretty much unstoppable right now. Not only did their self-titled first studio album debut at #1 last month, but they'll be performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday.

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Speaking of the VMAs, the "She Looks So Perfect" video has earned the band an Artist to Watch nomination at the ceremony, and "Don't Stop" is up for the Best Lyric Video Moonman. So, yeah -- I'd say that now is a pretty good time to count yourself among the 5SOS Family.

Whaddya say, 5SOS Fam? Sit-down dance party on three!

That's why we felt morally compelled to create this video detailing each and every reason why we love 5SOS more than our own parents. (Sorry, Mom and Dad! You were bound to find out sooner or later.)

Sure, we could have just stopped at "LOOK AT THEM!", but then we wouldn't have gotten to obsess over the time that Calum duct-taped his pants back on after they unexpectedly split onstage, or the fact that the dudes all brush their teeth together before every show.

We really don't talk about these things enough, TBQH.

Just in case you fall in with the fandom of one of 5SOS' fellow Artist To Watch nominees, don't worry — we’ve already given a similar shout-out to Fifth Harmony, Schoolboy Q, Charli XCX, and Sam Smith. And keep an eye out for a special compilation video for all five of the nominated musical acts coming soon.

Watch our "Reasons To Love 5 Seconds Of Summer" video!