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The Pizza Onesie Gang Has A New Member

If you love pizza and Katy Perry as much as we do, you're probably well aware that she's been giving a lot of love to her pepperoni-pizza onesie. Well, it looks like there's a new pizza gang member. Any guesses?

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It's Cara Delevingne—#1 onesie fan in the world. And unlike Katy, who has worn hers both zipped and unzipped, Cara is all about using her pepperoni piece for disguise. She may have gone unnoticed, but her two Mulberry bags kiiiinda give it away. Seriously—does anyone else in the world wear onesies and have a collaboration with the bag brand? I don't think so.

So, like, is this a pizza gang? Can we join? Is this the official uniform? We are not opposed. Not at all.