'Edge Of Tomorrow' Is Getting A Title Change For Blu-Ray

Get ready for "Live. Die. Repeat."

By all accounts, everyone who saw the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt blockbuster "Edge of Tomorrow" really, really loved it (us included). The problem was that not that many people wound up seeing it domestically, as it wasn't even able to break the $100 million mark in the U.S.

But it's never too late for tinkering and rebranding, so Warner Bros. has essentially changed the title of movie for its Blu-Ray release to "Live. Die. Repeat."

The three-word phrase was initially the tagline for the movie, and is certainly more direct and more specific about the film's plot than "Edge of Tomorrow." Still, though it was very prominent in all the movie's promotional materials, you would never have confused that for the movie's title on theatrical posters.

But you be the judge! Here's the new Blu-Ray packaging for the movie:

If you didn't know any better, you would say this is absolutely a movie called "Live. Die. Repeat" and you would have zero idea what the words "Edge of Tomorrow" were doing there. Especially confusing is the spine of the Blu-Ray packaging, where it actually says "Live. Die. Repeat./Edge of Tomorrow."

Here's an original poster for the movie, to show just how much more prominence the tagline has gained.

Movies have subtly changed titles before. "Star Wars" was eventually rebranded as "Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope" a few years after its first release, and there are plenty of examples of movies changing titles when they go to the UK ("The Avengers" became "Avengers Assemble").

But as far as pretty much changing the title -- without ever actually saying you're changing the title -- for a Blu-Ray release, this is as unique as it gets. Even more, if it works, it could pave the way for other movie rebrandings for less than successful titles in the future. We're looking at you, "John Carter."