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Daniel Radcliffe Reveals The One Thing We Never Knew About Harry Potter

Every so often, Vogue blesses us with a video from their "73 Questions" series, which asks a celebrity/actor/musician 73 things all in a single take. Most recently, they interrogated Daniel Radcliffe, who—while playing ping-pong—answered some of our most burning fashion questions. He revealed so much, in fact, that we pulled out all the best (see: style-related) parts below 'cause we're cool like that. Harry Potter fans, we hope you're sitting down.

Strangest thing you've done to prepare for a role?

"Waxed my ass."

Favorite fashion trend of all time?


How often do you wear a suit?

"Twice a month."

Boxers or briefs?


Blow dry or air dry?

"Air dry."

Do you wear anything given from your family?

"Yes, they have better taste than me."

Who is the most stylish guy in the world?

"Sam Spector." (He's Daniel's stylist!)

What is something you know about Harry Potter that nobody else knows?

"He didn't really need glasses. That was just a fashion statement." O_____O