Fans Paid How Much For One Night In 'Downton Abbey'?

The fanciest way possible to support charity.

Well, that's a very expensive cup of tea, indeed.

Fans of the PBS show "Downton Abbey," which depicts the life of a high-society family in the 1920s -- and that of their household staff -- spent a collective $68,000 in an auction of 12 "Downton"-related experiences at Highclere Castle, the stand-in for the show's estate.

Famed auction house Christie's ran the auctions, which were open for 14 days with proceeds benefitting Heroes at Highclere, which funds armed forces charities.

Fans bid on glorious and fancy prizes such as the opportunity to have your portrait painted in oil with Highclere Castle in the background, a private lesson from Highclere's main butler ("It is done wearing white gloves, which keeps the silver clean and fingerprints off the glasses. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn how this great tradition is performed, from the linen to the silverware, and to view privately the magnificent state rooms at the castle including the saloon, the state dining room, and the drawing room.") and an overnight stay in Lady Edith's bedroom.

Just saying, we hope that little slumber party in Lady Edith's room has been sanctioned by the Earl of Grantham, because there would be white-gloved, nattily dressed hell to pay if not.

Christie's spokeswoman Elizabeth Van Bergen told Reuters about the auction's success.

"Every lot found a buyer. With 'Downton Abbey's' great popularity, interest in the auction was geographically diverse," she said.

We can only hope that whoever nabbed that oil portrait session decides to show up in period-appropriate attire, but insists on holding a plastic water bottle for the painting. Everyone loves a good Easter egg, after all. YOLO!

The fifth season of "Downton Abbey" will hit U.S. airwaves in January 2015.