Ariana Grande Braves Helmet Hair For 'Billboard' Cover

Ariana Grande is really serious about this mod thing, OK? In case you missed her Swinging London tribute of a music video for "Problem" with Iggy Azalea or when she channeled Barbarella, the R&B diva is here to remind you of her favorite decade on her brand new Billboard cover *bouffant hair flip*. On it, Grande not only shows us her boldest beauty look to date—a white cat-eye, what a game changer—she also covers up her signature poofy hair in her modest look yet: a polka-dot helmet and shift dress that makes us wish we could transport ourselves to Twiggy’s era.

Austin Hargrave/Billboard

If Ariana's headgear looks familiar, that might be because of its iconic shape, created when mod designers were experimenting with space age fashion in the UK. One of them, Otto Lucas, made this silhouette his specialty.

The German-born milliner who rose to fame during the ’50s crafting hats for French, English, and American royalty—including Queen Elizabeth II—even landed a Vogue cover with one of his hats worn by UK model Jill Kennington, posing, it’s worth noting, with a similar head tilt and hands-framed face as Ariana. (If you’ve got $120 to spare and want more space age outfit inspo, you can purchase the issue on eBay.) In another Vogue shoot, Lucas dressed his model in a matchy-matchy, black-and-white zebra helmet and dress that looks like a long lost relative of Ariana’s polka-dot outfit.


For some reason, Ariana didn't get into her love of mod in the cover story, but she did talk about her style growing up, which definitely deserves a spot among the most surprising things she’s ever revealed. Apparently, our favorite prom-dress, pageant-hair-wearing singer used to be a baby goth, or as she puts it, "I was like a mini-Helena Bonham Carter." Mind blown.


Arianators, you're in luck—the issue hits stands today, so you're in for more revelations and more photos. For more interview excerpts, check out Billboard's website.