Ariana Grande Teases 'My Everything,' And Yes -- It Is Everything

And get a taste of 'Break Your Heart Right Back.'

A total of 10 days remain until Ariana Grande's My Everything will be released on August 25, but thankfully the "Break Free" singer seems to understand how unfathomably trying this wait has been for her fans. That's probably why she sneaked a couple of song teasers onto the Internet in the form of Instagram videos. Not to be ungrateful, but, um, maybe warn an Arianator first next time? Some of us might have been holding scalding-hot coffee in our hands...

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The first song is the title track off the VMA performer's sophomore album, and it features a gorgeous orchestral intro that any classical Viennese composer would kill for. (Note to Ariana: If a man who calls himself Salieri approaches you -- RUN.) The second new tune, posted on Thursday, is "Break Your Heart Right Back," an infectious, snap-along jam that's sure to fill the titular heartbreaker with gallons of regret.

Here's the string section-backed "My Everything."

Can it just, like, be August 25 yet? Thanks.

And here's a taste of "Break Your Heart Right Back."

It's bestie Alexa-approved and everything.