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Tom Brady Says He Touches His Centers’ Butts 'More Than Their Wives'

Is the relationship between quarterbacks and centers even more intimate than marriage?

Earlier this week after practice, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady discussed Dan Connolly and Ryan Wendell, the two players competing to be the Patriots’ starting center, explaining to reporters that the center-quarterback relationship isn't so intense just because a good snap is crucial to every play; it’s also because “I've got my hands on their butts probably more than their wives, so you know, it’s a pretty unique trust and relationship you have.”

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Sure, this is a necessary interaction between any quarterback and center, but does bragging that you touch your teammates more than their spouses violate Guy Code? In many ways, Tom Brady embodies the Code: He’s won Super Bowls and is married to a supermodel. But he also wears Ugg boots and lets his wife dictate his haircut. So where does this stand?

We think it’s on the line, but it’s within Guy Code -- hey, it was just a joke to reporters during training camp. And if the wives get embarrassed, they can try to petition for more snaps out of the shotgun.