This Awesome Redditor Delivers Pizza To Those In Need

His $1,000 nationwide pizza donation will make your heart melt like cheese. Mmm, cheese...

Your faith in humanity and in the power of pizza can now be restored. Yesterday, a Reddit user created a new thread on the subreddit “Random Acts of Pizza,” promising to order Domino’s pizza for anyone in need in the U.S. In just one day, this person spent $1,000 out of his own pocket to spread the cheesy deliciousness of ‘za.

Much like this other subreddit that goes by the same name, “Random Acts of Pizza” has the mission of delivering pizzas to people who are struggling to put food on the table. Its motto is simple: “The power of kindness, one pizza at a time.” Usually, “givers” offer to order pies only after a request is posted. That’s why yesterday’s thread was so shockingly huge — this person offered upfront to deliver multiple orders anywhere in the country.

The requests have kept flooding in, so the original poster says he’ll continue delivering today, and may even expand the service to include Papa John’s. For now, he’s taking donations via Bitcoin to keep the deliveries coming.

Check out these pics from pizza receivers, proving it’s the real deal…

“Thank you so much…there was no better feeling than my daughter walking in after school and getting all excited asking if the pizza was for her. Never in my wildest dreams did I think being a redditor would bring so much happiness to my family.”

pizza-reddit-1 Reddit

“Wow, this person is a saint. My jaw hit the floor when the Dominos guy came to my door. I can’t possibly thank you enough.”

pizza-reddit-2 Reddit

“OH MY GOD. I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake but you have given me so much pizza!!!! Thank you!! I will make sure none of it goes to waste and some more needy than I get some too! YOU ARE A SAINT.”

pizza-reddit-3 Reddit

“Thank you kind, random stranger. Way more food than we can handle! I’ll be sure to share with neighbors and hopefully bring some smiles to others. You have strengthened my resolve and restored my faith in humanity. I’ll be sure to pay this forward as well. Thank you.”

pizza-reddit-4 Reddit

“Ho. Ly. Crap. This is by far the most generous person I have met on here. We will be dining on this awesome food for days!! Thanks so much!!”

pizza-reddit-5 Reddit

“Amazingly generous. I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate this, and I will pay it forward when I can! My mind is blown.”

pizza-reddit-6 Reddit

“Thank you. This should be more than enough to feed my mom and I until she gets paid :)”

pizza-reddit-7 Reddit

“You rule! I really needed this food and I appreciate the pick me up. THANK YOU. This will feed me for several days. Words can’t express how grateful I am. <3"

pizza-reddit-8 Reddit

As you can see, each order includes not only pizza, but soda, breadsticks and/or chicken wings. One user estimated each order cost about $25. Yep, we have to agree this guy is pretty effin’ awesome.

reddit-pizza Reddit