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How To Throw The Perfect JLaw Birthday Party: Yes To Cake Balls, No To Stairs

It's Jennifer Lawrence's birthday, and we're ready to (satellite) party.

It's safe to say that most of us won't be hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence as she blows out her 24 candles today, but that doesn't mean she's not our celebrity BFF. And what do we do when our celebrity BFFs have birthdays? We have strange little satellite birthday parties themed to their tastes, of course.

That said, here's how you can totally JLaw up your birthday celebration. Happy birthday, Katniss!

Guest List

Your anonymous BFF

To save you from traffic cones and share your pizza.

Your publicist

To manage the crowds and reassure you that yes, you are supposed to be here. (And bring you pizza.)

Harvey Weinstein

You can't not invite Harvey. You don't want to know what happens when you don't invite Harvey.

Honey Boo Boo

A party guest worth nearly taking out innocent pedestrians for.

Josh Hutcherson

It's not a party without a Peeta pocket.

Prince Harry

Best. Birthday surprise. Ever.




Favorite snack of tributes everywhere.


Yes, she would like fries with that.

Cake balls

You heard her.


Only for those of age, of course.

Or, like, anything really.



We're not messing around here. Don't run out of food. Just don't.


No stairs.

No cones either.

The danger is everywhere.

Everything else is pretty much fair game, honestly.


Oscar Tug-O-War

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You played this when you were a kid, right?

Cryface Olympics

Who can fake uglycry the ugliest? It's a rubberface battle royale!

Group selfie-taking

Pardon, it's an usie.

Pin Shoot the tail on the donkey

You didn't train with a bow and arrow for months for nothing.

Party Favors

Butt plugs?

Use what you've got, is what we say.

Dress Code

There are only two options...

1. Dior couture

You can go fancy.

2. No pants.

Or casual.

Happy birthday, Jennifer Lawrence!