'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Chelsea's A Ball Of Nerves About Her Esthetician License

Before she gets her test results, her dad Randy offers some support.

Chelsea got some exciting news on this week's episode of "Teen Mom 2": She received her esthetician license and passed her tests with flying colors. But the young mother's road to success wasn't without some setbacks: The Department of Labor withheld her license because they alleged she had violated its protocol by being paid for performing services at a wedding with her friend -- while she was unlicensed. Understandably, Aubree's mama was feeling uneasy before she found out her results.

In the bonus scene below, Chelsea gets a visit from her dad Randy, who tries to calm down his anxious daughter. But there's no soothing Chelsea, who's frustrated that she has to make an eight-hour round-trip journey the next day to hear her fate.

"At least it'll be over with," Randy says, referencing the license drama. "A bunch of bullcrap to begin with. All this for some stupid, stupid stuff."

"I feel like if I really wanted to, I could go back at them and be like, 'You had no proof and I just lost all this money because I wasn't able to work,'" she replies.

But Randy urges his girl to look forward to the future -- especially the exciting opportunities that her license will bring.

"You'll start making the money you're supposed to be making pretty soon," he insists. "You'll do all the stuff your licensed for. No more sitting at the front desk."

Watch the father-daughter duo's entire conversation, and be sure to catch a new episode of "Teen Mom 2" on Wednesday at 10/9c.