How'd T.I. Feel About His Wife Tiny's Recent Video? 'No Reaction'

Oh no wait, it was actually 'comedy.'

It's pretty obvious that having details about your private life bared to the public can be difficult, but some artists like T.I. seem to have a pretty good grip on that. The Atlanta rapper puts his family life on display on the VH1 reality show "T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle," but a new single from his wife really had us scratching our heads for a second.

On "What the F— You Gon Do?" the former XScape singer croons about an absent lover, and the video really furthered that storyline. She uses a scene from the intro of "Family Hustle" where she and T.I. are lying in bed, but eventually the man next to her fades out. Was this a public shot at her husband? And what was T.I.'s reaction?

"No reaction," T.I. told MTV News, before adding, "Comedy." Clearly he didn't want to go in-depth about this one.

Did Tiny at least run this by him before release? "Nah, she asked me and I said, 'nah I don't wanna, I'll wait [to see it] with the rest of the public."

Always the diplomat, he went on to add, "I mean...I've been hearing very very good things about it, [from] people in the community, just saying that it's a lot better than the stuff they've been hearing lately -- so that's good."

"[Tiny] kinda has her own ideas about business so I stay out of it. She's just beginning her spinoff TV show with the hairdresser."

Well played, Tip.