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Of Course Taylor Swift And Jeff Bridges Jammed On The Set Of 'The Giver'

Swift was 'such a pro.'

Taylor Swift's role in "The Giver" may have been a small one, but that doesn't mean she didn't leave her mark on the cast. In an interview with MTV News, Jeff Bridges, who produced and starred in the film, described Swift's professionalism and willingness to bond with the cast.

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"That first day, she was right on the money and ready to play," he said. "She was wonderful to work with."

Not to mention the time between takes.

"We got to pick a little bit between set-ups," he said.

And, no, there isn't video out there of Swift and Bridges duetting on "I Almost Do" (or is there? If there is, please let it show itself soon). The singer didn't play her own songs.

Check out the interview above to find out what Bridges and Swift played on-set.

"The Giver" hits theaters tomorrow, August 15.