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Emma-jis: An Emma Stone Emoji For Every Emotion

Got a feeling? Emma Stone will help you feel it.

Art by Nick DeSantis

Ever find yourself in that mood where you feel like Emma Stone, except with an animated thunder cloud and a lightning bolt over your head and a cartoony little doodle where your real person lips should be? We know what it's like. Actually, we don't.

Until now.

Because now that we have custom Emma Stone emojis -- Emma-jis, if you will -- we can express how we truly and specifically feel. Check out the full set below, followed by individual pics that you can download and share with your friends, or just print out and carry in your wallet to look at when you really and truly feel that Emma Stone and Emma Stone alone knows how you feel.

When you're crying rage-tears

When you're, like, SO PSYCHED

When you want to wink, but really not in a sly way at all. More of a one-eyed, enthusiastic blink

When you're laughcrying

When you're dead/Monday

Well, you know.

When you're distracted by a sparkly object

When you're not quite sure

When you're in lurve

When you can't be tamed

When you're chillaxin'

When you're ?!?!??!!??

Use them, and use them well.