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Selena Gomez Gives Her Fans A Big Group Hug

Bring it in, guys.

Selena Gomez must know when we need a hug. On Thursday (August 14), the singer embraced us all and gave us a cyber squeeze by giving Selenators a boost of confidence. After all, you need eight hugs a day to maintain your emotional health.

Sel retweeted more than 50 fans this morning, making sure their professions of love didn't go unnoticed. (Shortly after, pretty much all those people changed their handle name to THANK YOU SELENA). She posted a selfie of her reading said tweets, and she even proclaimed:

You hear that? She thinks we're cool!

"Procrastination at its finest," she wrote. "This is me reading all your lovely/hilarious tweets before bed."

Thanks, Selena, this is just want I needed today.