One Man's Recreation Of Every Kid In Wes Anderson's Movies Is Spot-On

'My best friend is a 58-year-old businessman named Charles Santiago.'

Precociously silly hat? Check. Mild-mannered disposition coupled with endless supply of quirks? Double check. Simple yellow text? Yep, got that one too.

Thomas E. Fredericks (the "E" stands for echinacea) isn't a real Wes Anderson movie character -- he's actually Upright Citizens Brigade comedian Matthew Starr -- but we'd be lying to ourselves if we said that he theoretically couldn't be. Anderson, as much as we absolutely adore him, has a long-held fixation with the romantic pursuits of idealistic, oddball youngsters (see: "Moonrise Kingdom"), and this affectionate take down of said youngsters is amazingly spot-on.

"I'm seeking a lady-love," Thomas says as he strums his guitar. "And I've looked everywhere for her. In a lighthouse, in a grade school, in a submarine, and a stop-motion fox hole. You know, all the places where girls are."

Sooo cute. Check out the video below, and send good thoughts to Thomas E. Fredericks as he searches for love -- let's just hope that Charles Santiago (who is not played by Bill Murray in a mustache but should be) doesn't get in the way!