24 Times Jennifer Lawrence Was The Absolute Best Tribute In Real Life

Happy 24th birthday, JLaw. We're glad you volunteered.

Can you even imagine a time when Jennifer Lawrence was not in our lives? The days before a badass, inhumanly talented woman who somehow managed to top Hollywood’s A-List by the age of 22 — while also emerging as a voice of reason for the people — was around to make the world seem just a little bit brighter? A little more, I don’t know, covered in delicious Cheetos dust?

Yeah, we can’t either. Those were some dark times, man.

So to celebrate JLaw’s 24th (yep, you read it right — she’s still much younger than us) nameday on August 15, we volunteer to represent District MTV News to reminiscence on 24 times this Oscar-winning dynamo was the life’s greatest Tribute:

1. The time she won the Best Actress Oscar.

Why not start on top?

What were you doing when you were 22 — studying for finals? Spending your first post-grad summer at your parents’ house, searching the job boards for your first 9-to-5? That’s cool. Jennifer Lawrence was winning an Oscar.

2. The time she pooped her pants.

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