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13 Animals Who Ran For Office

Even if they didn't win, they still rule our hearts.

Dog history was made on Saturday when Duke, a furry white pup from Minnesota, was sworn in as mayor of Commorant. But Duke isn't the first pet to get into politics. For instance, Stubbs is a kitty and has been governing the Alaskan town of Talkeeyna for 17 years. We talked to his cat mom and gathered up some other cute animals who have represented their human counterparts in the past.

1. Stubbs

Look at Stubbs, named after his short tail. He's still in office after being elected in 1997 as a kitten. He even recovered from a dog attack!

"He doesn't talk a lot and he doesn't raise our taxes," cat mom Lauri Ricci-Stec told MTV News, although she admits Stubbs can be a little biased. "He doesn't like the neighbors, so he goes and sh--s in their yard."

No one will think about impeaching him for his pooping habit, though. "It'll never happen. He's got too much power," Ricci-Stec said, claiming his goals for the remainder of his term are to "Just to be happy and stay off the booze -- to live the rest of his life out cruisin'"

Sandy Bubar

2. Pa Kettle

This bloodhound has been the mayor of Divide, Colorado, since April 2014. His vice mayor is a wolf and his viceroy a cat.

Teller County Regional Animal Shelter/AP

3. Morris

Morris ran in 2013 for mayor of Mexican City Xalapa under the slogan "Xalapa Without Rats."

Morris' Facebook
Morris' Facebook

4. Mae Poulet

This Los Angeles chicken was in the race for vice president in 2012. She didn't win, and neither did her runningmate Satchel, a dog.

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5. Satchel

This is Satchel, by the way.

6. Max

Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller was voted into office for a one year term in 2012 as mayor of Idyllwild, California.

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7. Hank the Cat

This Maine Coon from Virginia was a joke candidate for the 2012 U.S. Senate race. But things got serious when he actually came in third place. Even though he lost, he still raised $60,000 for animal rescue.

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8. Tuxedo Stan

In the 2012 Halifax mayoral election, this handsome, black-and-white kitty represented the Tuxedo Party, which wanted better treatment of felines in Nova Scotia.

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9. Lucy Lou

In 2008, this collie was elected mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, a town of 315 people that has had a long string of dog mayors.

Rabbit Hash Historical Society

10. Saucisse

This dachshund was rescued from a shelter and his owner entered him as candidate for mayor of Marseille in 2001.

11. Clay Henry III

This beer-guzzling goat was elected mayor of Lajitas, Texas, in 2000, beating out other candidates like a wooden doll and a dog named Clyde.

12. Bosco Ramos

This dog defeated two humans to win the mayoral race in Sunol, California, in 1981. Now there's a bronze statue of him in town.


13. Pigasus

This 145-pound pig was a candidate nominated for the presidential election in 1968 by the Yippies, the Youth International Party, an anarchist, anti-war group attempting to mock the status quo. The pig and seven Yippies were arrested for disorderly conduct in Chicago.

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