Should 'Teen Wolf' Scott Be Dating Someone He Could Easily Lose?

His first love Allison already met her demise, and his new girl Kira isn't one for playing it safe...

For most, teenage relationships mean movie dates, hand-holding and an occasional kiss in your dad's junky convertible. In Beacon Hills, they include risking your life each time you try to have a lovey-dovey rendezvous.

"Teen Wolf" Scott McCall learned that romance certainly doesn't last forever when the first girl that gave him butterflies, Allison Argent, was killed at the hands of an Oni last season. His heart was scarred for some time, but he's since moved on with Kira Yukimura, one of Beacon Hills' newest students who, like Allison, never goes down without a fight. On Monday night's episode, though, she continued to prove why tenacity on the battlefield isn't always a good thing.

Though the kitsune's sword usually cuts through opponents as if they're loose-leaf paper, a feisty Berserker delivered a crushing blow to Kira's head that knocked her out cold and left her nearly as battered as her mother. And it wasn't the first time Kira's been in the line of fire -- earlier this season, a Beserker delivered her a mighty ass-whooping during a battle outside the Hale family vault. These guys definitely have her ticket...

Kira's a tough one, but when you're as willing as she is to put up the dukes, there's a lot of risk involved. And considering The Benefactor's still at large, there's no telling if her days -- or anyone's days -- are numbered in Beacon Hills. So, in light of all that Scott's been through with losing his first love, should he call things off with Kira and date a girl who's not steeped in the danger of supernatural warfare? Or should he not worry about something that may not happen -- and stick with Kira?

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