Here's Justice For Everyone Whose Beach Trip Is Ruined By A Loud Cellphone Talker

"There's this guy...he's like copying everything I'm saying!"

The beach is meant for relaxing, which is pretty much impossible when somebody is shouting into their phone on the towel next to yours. Well, one ballsy YouTube prankster has been messing with people in a stunt he calls “cell phone crashing.”

No, he doesn't pick up people’s phones and crush them under his foot, if that’s what you’re envisioning (pretty sure that’s illegal). Instead, Greg Benson, the comedian behind the prank, heads out to public places like airports, parks and Disneyland to butt in on people's convos by repeating them into his own phone.

For his latest version of the prank, Greg went to Santa Monica, California, to intrude on beachgoers’ calls. Check out the funny reactions below: