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Lady Gaga's Latest Makeup Trend Involves... Her Nose?

We gotta give it up to Lady Gaga, y'all. She's always finding new ways to reinvent her status as a fashion icon, and while she's been touring in Tokyo the last few days, it seems that she's been very inspired to step outside of her typical beauty routine.

Today, she posted a photo of herself sporting some seriously ornate face lace (it's a thing!) with her signature cat eye and bold brows, but this time she decided her nose also need some statement makeup—so she covered it entirely in metallic gold.

IDK about you guys, but it suddenly made us question why we've never decided to amp up our noses until now. Isn't it time they had their moment to (literally) shine? Also, is this an obscure homage to astronomer Tycho Brahe? Or is she channeling a high-fashion scarecrow? We may never know, but we suddenly have the urge to smear metallic lipstick on our snouts ASAP. BRB.