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Sam Smith Is VMA-Nominated, Adele-Certified And Taylor Swift-Approved

9 reasons we're obsessed with the Artist To Watch VMA nominee.

If you have trouble connecting with Sam Smith's "Stay With Me," then I feel like I need to see your emotional credentials. The video for the ballad -- which features the greatest gospel-powered walk of shame known to animal, vegetable, or mineral -- feels about as raw as ripping a Band-Aid off a scrape you got running out of the restaurant you just got publicly dumped in, so it's no wonder why it got him nominated for Artist To Watch at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

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But his evocative, pop/R&B powers of vocal virtuosity are far from the only things to love about the "I'm Not The Only One" singer. Though they are pretty notable, considering how literally every major critic ever has fallen in love with 'em -- and for once, I actually mean it when I say the word "literally." Earlier this year, Sam took home Critics' Choice at the 2014 BRIT Awards, and before that he was named #1 on the BBC's coveted Sound Of 2014. I'm thinking of a word that starts with "ba" and ends with "nanas." Give up? BANANAS.

Still not impressed? Umm, how about the fact that Taylor Swift has publicly fangirled for our boy on Twitter?

And, so has Adele!

That's why we've put together this video detailing all the "Reasons To Love Sam Smith." I mean, he's focused on his craft since day one, he casually chills with supermodels like Daisy Lowe on the regular, and he even managed to spin heartbreak into album gold. Oh yeah, and he loves Beyoncé so much that he bought and proudly wears one of her "SURFBOARD" sweatshirts. That's reason enough to love anyone unconditionally TBQH.


For all you superfans of Sam's fellow Artist To Watch nominees, never fear -- we've already given a similar shout-out to Fifth Harmony, Schoolboy Q, and Charli XCX, and we'll be doing the same for 5 Seconds Of Summer in the coming days. Enjoy!