30-Year-Olds Have No Clue What Teenagers Are Saying Anymore

Every generation has its own slang, but older millennials and younger millennials are barely speaking the same language.

"You don't know anything, Mom and Dad!" Who goes through adolescence without shouting that when their parents try to critique modern music or communicate with "hip" slang? (Like, uh, the word "hip.")

Then you wake up one day and realize you have no earthly idea what kids today are saying with their "smh" and their "turnt up" and their "molly" and their "Ed Sheeran." You don't feel old, but those gray hairs in the mirror don't lie, your social life mostly revolves around the Netflix comments section, and the last thing you experimented with was a recipe for gazpacho.

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Well, Buzzfeed collected a panel of "grown-ass adults" to guess what teenagers mean with modern slang like "OTP," "thot" and more. Go ahead and laugh -- you'll know this pain soon enough, whippersnappers (OFMG, who says "whippersnappers"?):

[H/T Guyism]