'Virgin Territory''s Luke Has Some News, But It's Not Quite What You Expected

In a catch-up interview, the Liberty University student drops a big bombshell!

On last night's "Virgin Territory" episode, the final installment to feature Luke, the 22-year-old gave his girlfriend Madalynn a promise ring. But sometimes, as the saying goes, promises are made to be broken.

In the update below, which Luke uploaded after his stretch of filming ended, he admits he has, indeed, lost his virginity. But the real shocker is who he lost it to -- or, rather, who he didn't.

"I did not lose my virginity to Madalynn, but it did happen while we were dating," says the Liberty University student, who adds that as of now, the couple is still together. "And that was something that I've never in my life thought that I would hurt someone that bad."

Luke goes on to say that he feels terrible about his mistake but has certainly learned a lesson -- and if there's one bit of advice he can impart on someone else in a similar situation, it's that you have to eventually let go of regret, which he says is like "holding onto a backpack full of rocks."

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