Melissa Ponzio's Twitter

Melissa Ponzio And Tamlyn Tomita Take A Bloody Good 'Teen Wolf' Selfie

The actresses won't let a little Berserker wound spoil their fun!

At this very moment in Beacon Hills, Noshiko Yukimura is fighting for her life after a grisly attack from a deadly Beserker. But Tamlyn Tomita, who plays Kira's wise mother, isn't allowing a simple bloodlet to get her down!

"Teen Wolf" actress Melissa Ponzio, who delivered one hell of a performance on the show's most recent episode, tweeted a photo of herself and Tomita treating the pool of plasma as if it were a hospital slip 'n slide, and it makes a horrifying injury look like an amusement park attraction. "#MamaMcCall + #Noshiko = lets take a #selfie after getting stabbed outside #BHMH elevator," she captioned the photo below. That's definitely the attitude we like to see from our preferred medical professionals!

Melissa Ponzio's Twitter

On a more serious, note, though, Ponzio couldn't help but gush (ha!) about Tomita's laser-focused performance, during which her character helped Scott's friends try to lure The Benefactor to the hospital. "she is amazing!" Ponzio tweeted a fan.

Whaddya think -- if Noshiko survives the ordeal, could we have a new perverse Laverne and Shirley on our hands? Share your reaction to the hilarious, albeit disturbing, photo of the duo!