Who Knew They Had Aquafina In the 1920s? 'Downton Abbey' Makes An Oopsie

One word: Plastics.

A new album of publicity photos for "Downton Abbey" hit the internet today, and while they're all delightful teases of the show's upcoming fifth season, one of them is downright shocking. Steel yourselves, delicate ones: what you're about to see may disturb you.

At first glance, this seems like a lovely shot of the Earl of Grantham with his daughter, Edith. But upon closer examination...

...there's something so very wrong with this picture. No wonder the Earl looks so stricken; tuxedos at the dinner table were one thing, but this alien vessel on the mantle is a bridge too far!

Meanwhile, we will just assume unless otherwise informed that the plastic bottle was an unfortunate blooper, and not an Easter egg for a surprise twist plotline involving a romance between Lady Edith and a time-traveling suitor from the 20th century. (Not that we would complain about that.) And the other photos, which include no plastic interlopers, are very lovely too.

The fifth season of "Downton Abbey" will air in the U.S. in January 2015.