Ollie Millington / Getty Images

Kanye West's DJ Got Fired Then Lashed Out At 'Ye Fans

Not the most gracious exit.

It's never funny when people lose their jobs. But when you make your boss look terrible in front of thousands of fans during a concert you have to expect that your gig is up. And, like so many people who don't leave quietly when they're let go, Kanye West's now former tour DJ, Million Dollar Mano, isn't going quietly.

Mano's was 'Ye's tour DJ for several years and he even contributed to production on Yeezy's albums, but they're clearly not working together anymore.

Mano took to Twitter to confirm the news and joke about hate tweets he was receiving from Kanye fans. Maybe he's especially mad at the one who took time to compile this footage on the Kanye to The forum of Mano screwing up onstage and leaving Kanye hanging?

He didn't handle it graciously, either. The DJ then took to Twitter to lash out at Yeezy's faithful following, peppering them with homophobic comments.

"Gonna have a fun day blocking these kanye stans that are happy i don't dj 4 him anymore hahahahaha!" he wrote. "A lot of u fans are low key gay and want more than a fan/relationship with the men they look up 2. I'm making a list and I'm collecting info. I'm gonna expose all the trolls."

So gracious.