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Taylor Swift Dances To Selena And Is Never, Ever Getting Back Together, Because... EWWWW

Natalie has not been allowed to watch TV since Miley twerked, BTW.

She's 13, likes apricots, collecting Band-Aids, building popsicle stick castles by herself, Scuncis, chilling, drawing Pegacorns (that's a pegasus and a unicorn hybrid she made up) and wearing Scrabble name necklaces. She's Natalie Benson and she's.. EWWW!!!

After teasing her glasses-wearing, brace-face alter-ego Natalie last week, Taylor Swift finally joined "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon (we mean Sara, with no H, because h's are EWWWW!!!!) on "EW!" Wednesday night. She showed off her drawings, danced to Selena Gomez's "Come & Get It" and revealed that she thinks yield signs, airplane mode, rice pudding and getting back together are EWW!