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The 13 Weirdest Things You Can Buy With Jennifer Lawrence's Face On Them

All JLaw everything. No, really: everything.

Love Jennifer Lawrence? Of course you do. It's time to show the world just how much you love the Oscar winner. Use our handy dandy gift guide to outfit yourself with the finest earrings, art and even footwear any Lawrence fan could wish for.

1. Apparel That Asks Life's Pertinent Questions


2. Sleep With Your Face On Jennifer Lawrence's Face

Sweet dreams. ($16.00)

3. An Actual Altar

Well, you said you worshiped her. ($12.95)

4. A Tribute To "American Hustle"/JLaw's Torso

Thank god for you. ($39.99)

5. JLaw In Your Ear

Or at least very close to it. ($3.35)

6. Thank God For Your Jennifer Lawrence Shirt

Movie quote or command? You decide. ($25.00)

7. What A Charming Bracelet

Save print media, wear this bracelet! ($17.99)

8. A Greeting Card And A Challenge

It's good to have goals. ($4.00)

9. The Finest Jewels

Jewels are for fancy people, and you are a very fancy person. ($5.73)

10. A Useful Box To Put Things In

Where else are you going to keep all your brooches? ($8.00)

11. Show Your Lobe For JLaw

A very studly gift. ($6.75)

12. Bow Down

She's in your heart, why not put her in your hair as well? ($5.50)

13. We Get A Kick Out Of You

These shoes were made for expressing how deeply into Jennifer Lawrence we are. ($86.00)